08.00–09.00 Coffee & Registration
09.00–09.10 Welcome Address: Magdi Saba and John Camm
Moderators: John Camm & Magdi Saba
09.10–09.35 VT Ablation in Non-Ischaemic Cardiomyopathy:
The Impact of Aetiology and Substrate

Katja Zeppenfeld
09.35–10.00 Mechanism and New Classification of Fascicular VT
Akihiko Nogami
10.00–10.25 Outcomes After Repeat Ablation of Ventricular Tachycardia in Structural Heart Disease
Jesus Almendral
10.25–10.40 Panel Discussion
10.40–11.00 Coffee Break
Moderators: John Sapp & David Callans
11.00–11.25 Role of Epicardial Approach for VT Ablation: Are we Overstating, Understating, or Misunderstanding?
Paolo Della Bella
11.25 – 11.50 The ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’ Moment in VT: What Will It Look Like?
Pierre Jais
11.50–12.15 Pacemapping to Unmask Post-Infarct VT Isthmuses:
What To Do When There is no VT Inducible

Christian de Chillou
12.15–12.40 Pre-recorded Case of Fascicular VT Ablation: The Nogami Approach
Akihiko Nogami
12.40–12.55 Panel Discussion
12.55–13.55 Lunch
Moderators: Sabine Ernst & Pier Lambiase
13.55–14.20 The Way Forward in VT Ablation
David Callans
14.20–14.45 VANISH and its Substudies:
Implications for Future Management of VT Patients

John Sapp
14.45–15.15 Proposal: Non-inducibility of VT is an Artifical Endpoint
Why: David Callans
Why not: Francis Murgatroyd
15.15–15.30 Panel Discussion
15.30–15.50 Coffee Break
Moderators: Magdi Saba and Akihiko Nogami
15.50–16.15 Outflow Tract VE/VT Mapping and Ablation:
Right from Left and What to Look For

Sabine Ernst
16.15–16.40 Inflammation and Ventricular Arrhythmogenic Substrate:
More Common Than You Think

Pier Lambiase
16.40–16.50 Panel Discussion
16.50–17.00 Closing Remarks and Adjourn
Magdi Saba